Hi friends, my name is Harshit and welcome to my blog!

I build things.

I started this site to tell the story of my tech journey. Apart from tech, I will be posting blogs related to photography, travel, life, etc. I aspire to become a good software engineer. There is still a long way to go, and this site records my progress.

Here, you’ll find some of my life hobbies, tech-work, and notes on software development, systems, and data engineering. I hope that you’ll spend a nice time here, feel free to look around!


I’m currently working as Backend Software Engineer at Grofers, India’s leading online grocery platform.

Prior to that, I obtained my Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from LNM Institute of Information Technology. Before graduation, I’ve spent my summers by interning with multiple open source organizations as Software Engineer. Here are some of them:


I worked on Enterprise Product including frontend tasks in React to improve the user experience and backend tasks in Ruby on Rails to eliminiate and optimize the performance of the relational database slow queries.

CERN - Google Summer of Code 2018

I worked with ROOT team of the CERN on a Machine Learning project to design a LSTM module for ROOT-TMVA project in C++. ROOT is a data analysis framework that provides functionalities to deal with data processing, statistical analysis, and data visualization in the domain of particle physics data analysis. They have a sub-module called TMVA (Toolkit for Multivariate Analysis) which provides all Deep Learning Algorithms, Neural Networks, Optimizers, etc which can be used to create and train your own model to analyze particle physics data.

FOSSASIA - Google Summer of Code 2017

I worked with Search Team as Frontend Engineer where I successfully built a web search application called Susper which works on Apache Lucene and YaCy web crawler. This was developed from scratch using Angular (v4) and implemented other additional features as well like knowledge graph, auto suggestions, autocomplete, image search, etc.


My strengths are: good team player, excellent coordinating, communication and organizational skills and a wide range of technical skills.

I’m interested in solving problems concerning software engineering, architecture and its applications, especially those that deal with systems and data.

Furthermore, I’m also learning about Distributed Systems and Data Engineeirng.

Lastly, I’m well-involved in open-source:

I code mainly in Python and Go, while learning some Scala and Spark.


Harshit Prasad

Email: harshitprasad28 [at] gmail [dot] com
Curriculum Vitae (PDF)